Now You Know Album Lyrics

THIS WINTER - (DADGAD, full capo 5th fret, shortcut capo 7th fret)
This winter / so cold
This long night / is getting old
I'm hanging on /down to the wire
Singing for the dawn / with a midnight choir

Though days grow shorter / seem longer still
More dark makes way for / more bitter chill
But i keep on tryin' / to stay warm
I got a feeling / it won't be long

I know in springtime / the tulips bloom
And birds sing with / new brightened plumes
So 'til the sun melts / this deep mire
I'll keep waiting / I'll keep on waiting / and I'll feed this fire

This winter / was so cold
NOW YOU KNOW - (EADGBD, full capo 1st fret)
I've lost it, can you help me find?
I've lost it, can you help me find?
I can be so blind / I let it slip my mind and now who knows
just where it goes / I am thorn without the rose

I've lost it, and I want it back
I've lost it, and I want it back
Clouds don't ask why / they just give up the rain / but this won't fall
from the sky and all the tears from my eyes won't help at all

Can you, find it in your heart? / and be true, that's the hardest part
Like the fading star, peeking right through this dark night
Far to go but within sight / take my hand and hold on tight /gonna make it right

Come on home, keep me warm
even though you are sun and I am snow
I am one, but with you much more
I need you so
Now you know, now you know
SURRENDER - (CGDGAD, full capo 3rd fret)
Sail me down this river / Let the current carry me
Bridges passing over head / As it draws me to the sea
I can't seem to fight it / And wouldn't if I could
So I just surrender

You know I loved you / God knows we tried
But matters of the heart / Don't always fall in line
like tiny little soldiers / scattered in the fight
that have to surrender

No one said it would be easy / and it can only be so kind
Love is so misleading / when it's so desired
And halfway up the mountain / you can get so tired and have to surrender
to the path of least resistance / where the river flows

so I just surrender, I just surrender, so I just, so I just surrender

Sail me down this river / Let the current carry me...
OUT OF THE BLUE (THE ORCHARD) - (CGDGBbD, full capo 4th fret)
When it swept down from that darkening sky
You could feel the change in weather
Where it slipped into the August corn
The tassels rolled together

Cresting ‘cross the surface, in a steady westward slide
Quickly as it came, it passed out the other side

    A wave moved through, From out of the blue, A wave...

They were driving into town
An appointment with the lawyer, dreading the ordeal
When they passed that field of corn, it hit them broadside
And he leaned into the wheel
She said, “How, when we are sinking, can you say it’s no big deal?”
He said, “Hon, I’m only trying to keep an even keel.”

    A wave moved through, From out of the blue

It’s been a week since that storm rolled through
This morning there’s barely a breeze
As the shadow of a raven rolls right over the orchard trees

As it passed over head, it occurs to me
Picking plums is a lot like betting horses
You must wait, til their time is ripe
These are very subtle forces
Last week this fruit held fast as that storm tore cross the land
Today in stillness the sweet trifecta just falls into my hand

A wave moves through, from out of the blue, A wave…
THE LAST TIME - (EADGBD, full capo 2nd fret, shortcut capo 4th fret)
I should get up from this table / I should walk right out that door
I wish I was able / cause I know what I'm in for
She walks across the bar room / like a tiger in a cage
One drag of her perfume / takes my breath away

	And the room starts spinning / and time stands still
	But i swear / this'll be the last time

I should know better / but some things never change
And now she is becoming / another big mistake

	As the room is spinning / and time stands still
	I swear / this'll be the last time

For a little satisfaction / to each their own
Cause it's a force to reckon / if you can't stand to be alone

So one more night in limbo / another wicked swoon
Sanguine behind sunglasses / so

But i swear, it's the last time i ever, i swear, it's the last time, i ever swear it's the last time...once again
TREMBLING LIKE A TRAIN - (DADGAD, full capo 2nd fret, shortcut capo 6th fret)
Midnight falls in Rotterdam at the Golden Tulip Inn
I'm standing in the rain
Wondering which of these wet tracks to take, now it's time to choose
I'm trembling like a train

Cause I gave away my ticket, overnight to St. Tropez
You may think i'm crazy, that's okay

I swear this place is damned, I'm still standing here
I'm feeling a bit insane
Listening to the rooster crow I'm frozen to the core
I'm trembling like a train

But the sun is always shining on the beach in St. Tropez
And everyone is smiling, who needs it anyway

   I'm burning like a fuse, time ticking away
   So much left to lose, I'm trembling like a train

I'll be waiting at the station when it pulls in with a wheeze
Pull down on that whistle, let me hear it screaming through the trees

   I'm Burning like a fuse, time ticking away
   So much left to lose, I'm trembling like a train
   I'm trembling like a train, I'm trembling like a train
   I'm trembling like a train
THE SISKIYOU LINE - (CGDGBbD, full capo 3rd fret)
It must have shook those redwood timbers / I can hear my granddad say
When it echoed down the valley / On that clear October day
I was working as a gandydancer / Two miles down the grade / From tunnel 13

Oh, and how my heart was racing / When we heard that engine blow
As we hurried up the cross ties / Little did we know

     In the dark of the tunnel, like night to the day
     With the smell of gunpowder, in the shadow they lay
     Like four warm stones in a mountain of time
     From that unscheduled stop on the Siskiyou Line

We carried them down…

First time granddad told that story / Was the first I saw his tears
A man so full of laughter / It just flooded through the years
He said the way to keep your joy / Is to take your grief / straight on

     There were four gravestones from that mountain of time
     And an unscheduled stop on the Siskiyou Line
     We stood in the pews and we sang the refrain
     ‘Cause there’s something in song that speaks to pain

In Humboldt County, there’s a redwood grove / That has stood for centuries
And in the shade of that sentient cathedral / He told this tale to me
Somewhere in that architecture / He must have heard the echo of tunnel 13

     It’s just one song from a mountain of time
     It was only one stop on the Siskiyou Line
     Deep down in the grain, where history sings
     How many stories, in two thousand rings?

We carry them down…
FORGIVENESS - (DADGAD, full capo 2nd fret, shortcut capo 4th fret)
I had a dream last night, first one in a long, long time
A dead end street with a traffic light, and she was there

The sky was green, the grass was gold, the sun gleamed and the thunder rolled
She spoke to me with a measured tone
It might've been something that I read, last night before I went to bed
But of all the things she could have said
Forgiveness, forgiveness
Not sure what she meant, so I asked her for a hint
She just smiled and shook her head
It will not change the past, but it could last and last
And the future could be so vast
Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgive
Or I could blame the darkness for the dead of the night
And hold on to sadness, or I could bring in the light

Staring at the ceiling tiles here in the morning light
I wonder...
LOVE'S NOT THROUGH WITH ME YET (by Darrell Scott) - (BGDGCD, full capo 3rd fret, drop-D capo 5th fret)