Lessons, Workshops and Studio Work

Please email info@justinroth.com with questions about rates, scheduling, etc. for all lessons, workshops and studio work.


Justin runs his own full production recording studio in Fort Collins, CO, specializing in solo acoustic singer/songwriter/instrumentalists, duos or trios.  He is available for producing, recording or demoing your next project – OR – hire Justin to play or sing on your next project by simply sending files.


Justin is available for private or group lessons whenever he’s in your area on tour or via Skype.  Want to take your guitar playing to the next level?  If you feel stuck where you’re at and want to learn some new approaches, here some things you can learn:

  • Altered Tunings
  • Partial Capos
  • Right-hand techniques
  • Fingerpicking
  • Two-hand tapping

…and more


Here are some workshops you can host along with a house concert, or on its own when Justin is in your area:

Capo Envy – Obsessive Capo Disorder

Have you ever seen artists using multiple or partial capos and wondered “What on earth are they doing!?”  Chances are you’ve been stricken by partial capo envy.  No need to fret, actually there is, but worry not!  This workshop will introduce the keys to understanding how to use both the Kyser “Drop-D” and “Shortcut” capos in standard tuning.  It’s easier than it looks!  You will learn a simple way to use single or multiple partial capos to enhance your guitar sound and apply it to songs you’ve already written or songs to come using chords you already know.  Handouts will be provided and partial capos are available for use and purchase at the workshop.  There will also be time to share your discoveries and get feedback from Justin and the group.  Some guitar experience is necessary, but this workshop is open to beginners as well as seasoned players.

Getting Started with Altered Tunings

Want to explore altered tunings but don’t know where to start?  This  workshop with Justin Roth will explore ways to understand, compose in, convert songs to, and switch between altered tunings.  No need to be intimidated by too much music theory, we will learn a simple way to relate altered tunings to songs you’ve already written or songs to come. Handouts will be provided to get you started with chord positions in a couple different tunings.  In addition, other techniques will be introduced to help enhance your solo guitar sound.

Interior Decorating for Guitar — Fingerpicking and other right-hand techniques to embellish your songs

This interactive workshop with Justin Roth will teach some “interior decorating” tips to add color and character to your guitar parts to better serve your songs.  We’ll cover a few fingerpicking techniques and patterns, as well as various techniques to embellish your own songs, without getting too technical.  Your guitar parts do not need to be difficult to play in order to be interesting.  However, it can be more than just a harmonic backdrop for your songs; it can have a voice of its own!  We’ll also look at other right-hand techniques to add melodic lines to your chord changes, percussive effects and tone/timbre variations to make your songs come alive.  By listening to and developing upon what you’re already playing, you can find what’s missing that could better complement your songs.  Don’t tell anyone I said this, but you can even do it without partial capos or altered tunings!   We’ll use your songs to discover and demonstrate how some of these approaches can elevate your music.  All levels are welcome in the class because using these techniques effectively starts with learning how to listen for what’s missing, whether you know how to fingerpick yet or not.  We will focus on complimenting, not complicating, your songs by working within your individual level of guitar playing.